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 how to dungon party

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DMR/MLR - Dry Moonlight Remains Dungeon.

LM - Lost Mines Dungeon.

CV - Crystal Valley Dungeon.

Aggro/Hate/Threat - Aggression towards anyone in the party, or the monster's incentive to attack a party member. ie: running past an aggro monster causes him to persue even though no damage was given, or dealing out too much damage and stealing a tank's aggro.

DP - Dungeon Party. This is the acronym used when people shout for forming/inviting into dungeon parties.

LFDP / DPLF - Looking For Dungeon Party and Dungeon Party Looking For, respectively. This is the acronym used for people either searching for a party or looking for new members for the party. It is customary to put in your level and class when advertising, or the level range and class being looked for.

Pull - The act of pulling an enemy towards the party. This is typically done in order to either speed up kills or to lure an enemy away from a group in order to kill it alone.

Add - Additional enemies that aggro the party. These are usually unintentional and may happen as a result of a bad pull or monsters respawning in your party's area.

Mob - Taken from the term "mobile" meaning any moving creature. This is the general term for any and all monsters. ie: "grab that mob over there," or "i've got a mob on me."

PK - Player Kill. This occurs when someone activates their PvP flag (the person's name turns orange and a red icon shows next to their name) and attacks/kills another player. You do not need to have your PK flag on in order for someone to attack you. /pkon turns it on, /pkoff turns it off. Killing a person with a PK flag or a red name will not result in immorality points. PKing a significantly lower level character will result in a slaughter and instantly turn you red.

KS - Kill Stealing. If you should start attacking a monster and another person comes up and starts attacking it afterwards, it is considered stealing the kill. Even if the other person does not do enough damage to get credit for the kill, they are limiting your exp/jp gain. It is generally acceptable to PK kill stealers.

Bosses and Boss Rooms

There are two types of bosses in Dungeons. Mini bosses which spawn every 20-30 minutes, marked as ** mobs, and the big bosses which are marked as ?? which spawn every hour i believe. All of these different bosses have a room that they spawn in for each Dungeon. Usually when grinding in a Dungeon people will "camp" a Boss room in order to kill it upon every respawn. If there is a group already in the room then it is theirs, and any attempt to kill mobs or the boss will almost certainly result in aggressive action from the initial party. Aside from boss mosnters, the room itself has very few mobs and is generally less effective for grinding than in areas of concentrated monsters. With this in mind, some parties will move into side rooms coming off the boss room where monsters spawn more frequently. They will generally grind there and return to the boss room in hopes of killing the boss. In this case, the group does not own the room as they are not currently in the room itself. If another group should come in for the boss then they have every right to take it.

Your Job in a Dungeon Party

Damage Dealer

The tank takes the damage, YOU deal it! This, however, is a double-edged sword. The greatest of Damage Dealers knows when NOT to deal damage. Every part of your class, Strider, Fighter, Dark Magi, and more, is focused towards dealing damage in large quantities and because of this, you need to be careful about stealing the tank's aggro. My only DD class is a Strider so i can't offer quite as in-depth a look at the DD classes as i did with the Holy Warrior (It's my Main Character) but i have general tips.

It should be noted at this point that grabbing aggro of the tank does NOT mean he's not doing his/her job properly, most likely it means YOU are not doing yours.

If you should take aggro off of the Tank, STOP ATTACKING. If you aren't dealing damage and creating aggro, and the tank is still plugging away with Shield Smash, it's probably safe to assume that the monster will stop attacking you. DO NOT spam skills as a strider, and DMs/Sorcerers do NOT use your strongest skill at the start of the fight, use it towards the middle or end so there's enough aggro on the Tank for it to stay on the tank, or, if there isn't, so that there's not as much health left to kill it before it mauls you. Striders and Fighers should never run out of mana while grinding. Not only for the sake of continuous grinding, but also just to not pull aggro off. If, however, you continuously pull the aggro while holding back on skills, you may consider another Tank. This typically occurs with HW's lower in level than the DDs, especially when using an r2 HW with r3 DDs.

I realize there are a lot of "do nots" in that paragraph, and aside from the fact that i play a Holy Warrior, restraint is the main concern of DD in just about every game.

For bosses, hold off on using skills, DM's should probably just not attack for a good 20 seconds. This ensures the Tank is getting appropriate Aggro that can be sustained throughout the fight. At about 50% hp you should be safe to unleash without fear of the tank losing aggro. This is standard pollicy on normal bosses as well as the big ones.


Any class that has a long range skill used to pull a monster to the party will fit here, even someone using r1 chips. Yes, that's right, r1 chips are great. In a DP they will never activate on the target, but they deal no damage (causing no threat on the chipper), cause the monster to come towards the party, are *fairly* cheap lak-wise, and, best of all, anyone can use them. As a HW i've managed to keep a steady stream of monsters using r1's and not having to move the party at all. However, the main pullers are typically any bow class and that is what this section will concern.

Pulling should be quite simple, though i've never had a single bow user pull properly, so maybe it's not.

The purpose of a pull is to grab a monster quite a distance away from the party, to the party so that no one has to move, especially if they're in a relatively safe area. There are two main concerns when doing this, number one is timing the pull so that the additional monster gets to the party at or very near the death of the orrgional monster. The second is aggro. Your job is simply to move the monster from far away to at the party, not to solo it.

The general procedure is to target the new monster when the orrigional is at least under 50% hp. If the monster moves slowly, pull when the orrigional's health is closer to the 50% mark, if it moves faster, or is closer, pull when the health is lower. This part takes practice and knowledge of the mobs being pulled. After the shot has been made, and the monster on his way, hit escape. This will ensure you do not attack the monster any further, adding more aggro and making it harder for the Tank to get it off of you. I've often had to use 3 skills, one after the other, in order to get the monster on me, and having to do this mob after mob not only drains mana, but also forces me to use up skills so that i have less available in emergencies. After the monster is en-route, position yourself so that the HW is between you and the incomming monster, so that as it passes through the HW's space, he can use a well-timed Shield Smash or another skill should that be on cooldown. This is also another extremely important reason to hit only once, any skill, shield smash or not, should be enough to redirect the monster. If you are in position behind the HW before the mob gets you you, you may either stand there and do nothing until the HW has grabbed the new monster, or continue to kill the orrigional. If a monster should spawn or move close to the party, especially the healer, DO NOTHING. If it aggro's the party leave the HW to do his job as mentioned above. It is also very important to keep rotating your screen. By doing this you ensure you're see where all the monsters are and can either plan future pulls or see when a monster is too close to the party and will require the HW to take action so that you don't grab a new monster while the party deals with an add.

The Healer/Buffer

This includes Clerics and Kahunas. Clerics should NEVER attack melee and should rarely use aggressive spells. This is to keep aggro off the Cleric as well as to conserve mana. Kahunas should use Purified Healing Water to help ease the mana stress of the Cleric, should handle re-buffs while the party grinds and the Cleric heals, and should attack. You guys have really big maces, use them.

For Clerics in DMR, Rapid Healing should be used as a last resort, ie: your tank is in the red and will die before you can use a big heal. Also, try to figure out how much your heals will heal so that you come close to healing as much health that is missing, much like a HW using Mental Blade. This will ensure that you're not waisting mana over-healing. Also, keep the Tank's health full. By this i mean don't heal only when the tank is low on health or in the red. After you heal a tank his/her health should more or less be full. This makes sure inopportune critical hits from the enemy do not kill your tank or require you to use a rapid heal.

kennom: While it may be all good and well to be casting what we call long heals (Normal heal) it is not entirely correct to suggest that rapid heal should be a last resort. Especially towards the backside of LM (Carnival...) and CV, long heals unless one is paired with another cleric means certain death. It is especially recommended in CV that the cleric would tone their heals down to level 2-3 with at least a +2 rapid healing card...+3 recommended. It is also recommended that they get at least +2 mental amplify and sensible mind. Now...while this may seem a tall order (I KNOW cleric card prices are ridiculous) it is what will be necessary to keep people alive within these dungeons, especially CV. I've found that for levels 30-50 (Mainly Moonlight) it is better to do normal heals as it helps with MP consumption and you do not have to worry about your party dying so quickly but for anything higher, it is recommended that quick heal be the first use (Also be sure to have level 10 quick heal on another hotkey in case of trouble). It is recommended that the clerics start practicing the quick heals after JLevel 25 and the maximizing of their MP regeneration skills at which point their mp regen should be on par with the usage of mp from rapid heal (55 mp used, should regenerate around 40 mp depending on clothing +4, level and any jewelry equipped)

When moving through the Dungeon to your grinding point, you only really need to give the party pdef and speed buffs. This is so that the party can get to the grind point faster, move faster than the monsters and drop mob trains, and the pdef helps soften the blows as the party moves through. After arriving, and especially if you are catching up to an active party, log out to the character selection screen BEFORE reaching the party. Yes, there are sometimes issues with lag and you may die before you log but as of yet it is the best method of catching up to your party without killing them. Anyway, when at the site, patk, pdef, accuracy, attack speed, magic damage, mp regen, and shadow damage buffs the only requirement if they're on hand. Move speed is unimportant and will waste mana/time for buffing. Obviously, whoever has the highest buffs between the Cleric and Kahuna should be in charge of re-casting those on the party. Additionally, it was brought up that pullers should be buffed with speed, this way they can grab mobs further away faster, and also have more time to adjust their position behind the tank.

When not needing to heal, sit to help regen mana. If you need to, use the hotkey sit/stand button so you don't have to keep typing it in. Also, use a staff in parties, even if you use another weapon to solo. This provides for the most matk and your heals will be much stronger and require less mana. And pay attention to your surroundings. Most Adds i've gotten are simply because the Cleric didn't move out of range of a respawn. Do your part to help keep the party manageable.

Kahunas should mainly just go melee and use occasional debuffs, purified water, and rebuff. On boss fights do the same only go all out on debuffs.

how to dungon party
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how to dungon party
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