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 Guild Bank Info

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PostSubject: Guild Bank Info   Guild Bank Info Icon_minitimeSun Jun 10, 2007 7:25 am

bank is now open, one bank point will be worth 10k ruppes. So Pixie will make and alt for the bank , the alt will always be in town,

how to get bank points

1 bp (bank point) = 10k ruppes/an item worth 10k

you can trade anything and get bank points from it, whatever you don't need, put it in the bank and get some points for it. , you can also put in ruppes to get points
for example, you put in a stamina saver = 200k ruppes, if u put it in the bank you will get 20 BP(bank points).

All the items in the bank will be on a different thread,

you can trade in your BP for something elese in it, lets say u traded in a stam saver for 20 BP, and there is a lets say a stun mace card in the bank, you can use your BP(depending on how much the item is worth) to get it, so stun mace is probally 200k so u will use up all your BP, anouther example, lets say you have 50 BP, you can trade that in for 500k ruppes (if there is in the bank)

Guild Bank Info
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Guild Bank Info
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