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 How to get a pet

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PostSubject: How to get a pet   How to get a pet Icon_minitimeSun Jun 24, 2007 8:18 pm

In-Depth Creature Guide
I. Skills
II. Taming, Forming & Summoning
III. Controlling & Raising
IV. Management
V. Mountable Creature

Rappel : n. (French) Recall / Summon

The game Rappelz is named such because of its creature summoning feature.
You can tame, summon, raise, evolve and utilize the creature regardless of what job class you are.
This is an in-depth guide on creatures. Most of the data is translated from the Korean guide on Playforum and the guides are originally wrote by myself, to help the players get to know their creatures better and plan out which one would work best for their characters.
Special thanks to nevets1219, angelsarc, and Martigan who helped me with data and advice.

I. Skills
First, in order to use creatures, you need the appropriate skills. Any beginning job class (Guide, Rogue or Stepper) of all the race can learn these skills.

JLvl Skill Name Description
5 Creature Control Allows you to control a creature. The higher level this is, the more creature slots you get. You can have up to 2 creature.
I would recommend to use one slot for a tamed creature and the other slot for a mountable creature.
Summon Creature Summons the formed creature.
8 Creature Mastery Increases the attack power of the summoned creature. The higher this skill is, the higher the increase in attack power.
Recall Creature Recalls the summoned creature.
10 Creature Item Expertise Improves the efficiency of unit cards applied to creatures. The higher this skill is, the higher the increase in the efficiency of unit cards.
Creature Taming Tries taming the monster. You need the proper type of creature card of the corresponding target and it must be used on a target at full health.

II. Taming, Forming & Summoning

After you acquired the above skills, it is time to go out in the field and start taming the creature you wish to raise.
However, even if you have acquired the Creature Taming skill, without an empty creature card you cannot tame any creatures.
There are 4 different types of creatures - Basic, Common, Uncommon and Extra .
You can buy any basic cards (Pantera, Tortus or Poultry) from the Merchant NPCs in any of the cities other than Trainee Island, but for the other rare cards, you must either hunt monsters or buy from other players.

Once you have the right card of the creature you wish to tame, find the monster type you can tame for the creature (e.g. target any of the Roosters if you wish to tame a Poultry), and use Creature Taming skill on the monster. The monster has to be in full health, or it will not work .
The taming skill will take a while to cast, and it is also possible to be attacked while you?re casting the skill depending on whether the monster is aggressive or passive.
After your taming skill has been cast, the monster will start attacking you. Do not panic, as it is natural. You must kill it off , then and only then you will know if you have succeeded. If you are successful, the creature will now be sealed in your card. If not, your card will be destroyed and you will have to get a new card before you can try to tame another (cry with me!). You don?t necessarily have to solo when you try to kill of tamed monster. If you?re in danger, you can always get help.
At this moment, you still cannot summon the creature yet even if you have succeed. You must form it at the local tamer before you can summon it.

Visit the Tamer/Breeder/Summoner NPC in any of the city (or the Adventure Guide in Trainee Island), and choose ?Creature Formation?.
Now drag the tamed creature card onto an empty slot of the creature forming window. You can have up to 2 slots depending on your Creature Control skill level. Now you can finally summon your creature (About time!). When you form a creature, its name will be randomly generated. You have to buy a creature name chane (around 800k) to change your pets name to what ever you wish
Open up the creature window (Alt + R) and select the creature by clicking on the icon of the creature you wish to summon, then use the Summon Creature skill... voila! You have summoned your creature!
You can only summon one creature at a time , even if you can control 2 creatures. When you try to summon another creature while one is already out, the previous one will automatically be recalled after the second one is summoned. You can recall your creature back any time you wish by using the Recall Creature skill.

III. Controlling & Raising

Once you have summoned your creature, it will automatically follow you around wherever you go, but not necessarily aid you automatically. There are 3 default actions you can make your creature take on the action window (Alt + T).

Creature Attack - Creature attacks target by itself. (Alt + Click Target)
Joint Attack - Creature and Characters attacks the target at the same time. Depending on the movement speed, one may start attacking over the other. The monster will first counterattack whoever attacked first, but will eventually attack whoever deals more damage. (Ctrl + Click Target)
Follow - You can leave your creature at one spot and not follow you. You must reactivate it to make it follow you again. (ESC x 3... why three times? I don?t know.)
As the creature fights alongside you, it will also gain experience and JP. Yes, the creatures can use skills too! Their stats are permanently fixed however.
It will gain approximately 10% of what you earn when it is summoned, and it will gain only 1% when it is not summoned. Creatures that you own the card but not yet formed or equipped on your belt will not gain anything.
Open the creature window (Alt + R) and double click on the creature portrait to bring up the creature stat window. Here you can see your creature stats and also spend the JP in order to level up creature skills. It is recommended to level up Exp and JP Acquisition Rate Increase skills whenever you can. To use active skills that only the creatures can use, drag the skill from the creature skill window onto the creature quick-slot bar placed right above your character quick-slot bar, and use it from there like you would with your character. The list of ALL the skills of specific creatures can be found on this site.

When your creature reaches a certain level, you can evolve the creature to strengthen it even further. When you evolve a creature, it will change its name and appearance, and will be reset to level 1, but keep all the skills it has earned previously. It is similar to how characters change the job class.
The first evolution can take place at level 40, and the second at level 50, however you can overbreed them by leveling them further before you evolve them in order to pick up more skills and make them stronger. It takes very long to overbreed the creatures , so do it only if you have all the time in the world and have much patience. Wink
To evolve your creature, talk to the Tamer NPC and choose ?Creature Evolution?.

IV. Management

If your creature dies, you can either revive it back at the Tamer NPC or with the resurrection scroll. They also lose experience upon death like regular characters.
When it dies, it will be automatically recalled after a few seconds. In order to revive it using the scroll, you must first resummon the dead creature (T-T) and select it by either Shift + Clicking on the body or clicking on its icon on the creature window, and then use the resurrection scroll from your inventory.
If you wish to revive it at the Tamer NPC, you do not have to resummon it to do so. Just talk to the NPC and choose ?Creature Management?, select your creature name, then choose to revive it with either partial hp or full hp.

You can also equip your creature with item cards. To form an item card, you must combine an equipment item and a blank unit card which you can purchase from a Merchant NPC. Your creature must have learned the Unit Control skill in order to equip item cards. The higher the skill level of Unit Control is, the more item cards you can equip on a creature. Also, certain creature gets more bonus depending on which kind of equipment they wear. (e.g. warrior armor for Tortus and hunter armor for Poultry)
To equip an item card, talk to the Tamer NPC (again. what would we do without them?) and choose to ?Creature Management?. A familiar looking creature control window will open. Drag your item card onto an empty slot for your creature and it?s done.

You can do just the opposite as well, by equipping the creature card on yourself! You must equip a belt in order to do so. Just drag the creature card onto your belt slot to equip. Different stat bonus is given depending on the creature Card skill. The creature must not be formed in order for it to be equipped . If it already is, you must take it out of your control at the Tamer NPC before you can equip it. Because of that, the equipped card creatures do not gain any Exp or JP. You can equip only one creature card on your belt at a time.

Usually you would want a fully-grown creature card to equip on your belt for stat bonus, and if you are currently raising one that is different from your job class to aid you better (e.g. a melee class having a healing/buffing creature), you would have to buy another one you need. That?s where trading comes in.
You can trade the creature cards with other players without any sort of penalty. Despite the rumors, there is no loyalty factor or anything like that. They will have their full stat and skills up to the level you have raised them when you give it to someone else.

V. Mountable Creature

Mountable creature, namely Ornitho , are not tameable, and can only be bought at Adventure Guide NPC. When you do the quest in Trainee Island, the Adventure Guide will give you one that lasts for an hour for free. Usually one costs 1000 rupees and lasts for 6 hours (not a bad price if you ask me). They?re about 3-4 times faster than running even with extra movement speed, so it is handy to have one around when you?re hunting in places far from any city.
In order to ride it, you must first summon it (if you have another creature summoned it will automatically be recalled). Select the creature and use Mount action. You must be near the creature in order to mount it, of course. If you are too far when you try to mount, your creature will simply move to the crature but not mount. Use the action again in that case.

How to get a pet
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How to get a pet
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